Walls are just a medium to tell a story, it's a generous way to share art with people, your friends, and your clients. Walls take us on a journey of imagination where anything and everything is possible. Increase your brand awareness, bring happiness and creativity to blank spaces, the possibilities are limitless. Let's create amazing stories together.

Coworking Mural
After leading the rebranding and brand strategy for this real state project we decided to embrace the value of community and create this mural to inspire the people that will live and share this space. This project holds a special place in my heart, it is not about the portfolio, it's about the relationships you build while creating. I am because you are.
Illustration, Character Design, Art Direction
Cuando Las Ballenas Cantan
When Whales sing, what are they telling us? Do You think it is a happy song or a sad one? This wall was made for an ONG that works on creating awareness for our oceans.I'm really happy to use my skills to give a voice to those who don't, like animals. Here I try to show the reality we live in our oceans and I wish everyone who sees this mural question itself and its responsibility with the oceans. I was able to paint this wall thanks to the support of @CAVASURBANO and Glidden Paints.
Illustration, Street Art, Graffiti
Wild World Mural
This Mural was made for a local art festival named "arte Nomada" that took place on what use to be a United States military base during the Panama invasion and now it is know as Ciudad del saber. We were inspired by panamas biodiversity, but we also wanted to contrast this green with the impact that we as humans are giving to this planet. On this wall we show two sides, on the extremes the apocalypse and on the center utopy.
Illustration, Character Design, Graffiti
Soulfish Poke
All the fresh vibes for this awesome poke place, I was inspired by Hawaii's nature and some of its culture. This is the second wall I create for this restaurant, and this time the flowers went further to be part of the menu and they are spread all over the place.
Illustration, Graffiti, Painting
ABC del Barrio
I was aproached by a local pizzeria "Barrio Pizza" to do a custom mural for them. The client wanted to use my style and their vision to create a powerful image full of color to create this mural. I went all in with te concept and the design, using various characters and a custom type with the name of the pizzeria. This Mural represents a lot for me as an artist since I was able to put together the client vision and my style.
Graffiti, Illustration, Character Design
Coffee Revolution Mural
Coffee revolution is an illustration made from three concepts the client gave me; Leto Science, Leto Revolution and Leto be first. I was able to put together all of these concepts and came up with this mural. Painting the wall was a big challenge, it is 7mt large by 10mt tall and the texture on the wall made it difficult to sketch.
Graffiti, Illustration, Art Direction
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