Allow yourself to play, embrace the discipline and consistency and open the doors of imagination and consciousness. Learning is creativity, finding solutions, sharing with others, writing, painting. dreaming  and embracing failure.
Project Objective:

To create a mural that inspires creativity, learning and co creation in a coworking space on the rooftop of a residential project by representing the human values, equality and most importantly the inner child we all have inside.  
The owner of the project is a good friend of mine, we have work on countless projects and we've had amazing conversations. One day he came up to me with the concept of UBUNTU, a story of kids in africa that were told to race for some Candy, instead of competing they all gathered in a circle and shared between each other. 
UBUNTU:  'humanity to others'

Being in relationship to others, as equals. This is the reason we chose an isometric perspective for this illustration. 
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